Virtusa Interview Questions

Virtusa Java/OOPS Interview Questions
1.What are the oops concepts and explain them?

2.What is mean by Polymorphism and what is the difference between static and dynamic polymorphism?

3.They he asked about the overriding and method hiding?

4.What is mean by singleton class and can u write a program?

5.Difference between Interface and Abstract Class and where did u used interface in your project?

6.Which version of java we are using in your project? and what are the features in 1.5 version?

7.What is Exception? Difference between Exception and Error?

8.What is mean by checked and unchecked Exceptions?

9.He asked me about Try, Catch and Finally and he asked different control flow of try..catch,try..catch…finally type questions?

10.Difference between final,finally,finalize?

11.Explain about Thread life cycle?

12.What is the Difference between Notify and NotifyAll methods?

13.What is Synchronization?

14.What is mean by collection frame work and explain the complete hierarchy?

15.What is difference between Array List and Vector?

16.In ur project where did u used the Array List?

17.Differnce between Comparator and comparable?

18.Difference between Hash Map and Hashtable?

19.Can u explain about the Stack?

20.Can u tell me something about the collections?

21.Tell me something about Enumeration, Iterator and list Iterator?

22.What is the difference String and StringBuffer and StringBuilder?

23.What is mean by immutability?

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