Finance Interview questions Faqs

Finance Interview questions Faqs

1) Difference between long term loan and long term debt?

2) Explain liquidity ratios?

3)Types of Depriciation?

4) Define Authorized Capital?

5) Define Dividend and its types?

6) What do you mean fundamental analysis?

7) Explain the meaning of options and derivatives?

8 ) Which Stock Exchange belongs to which country? a) NIKKEI b) DOW C) NYSE

9) What is a Mutual Fund and what does AMC stand for?

10) Difference between Bear and Bull Markets?

11) Explain RONA?

12) What can you find in a P&L Account?

13) What do you mean by IPO and define face value of a share?

14) Difference between Mergers and Acquisitions?

15) Define some GAAP accounting priniciples?

16) Describe NASDAQ?

17) What does a call and a put option mean?

18) What is amalgamation?

19) Explain European Markets?

20) Define a) Networth b) Preference capital c) debenture d) Treasury Bills e) Hedging

21) Who is called a lameduck in a stock exchange?

22) Reduce budget by 10%. Which criteria should be used to identify budget reductions?

23) What is IRR and Discounted cashflow?

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