VSTS Interview Questions and Answers

VSTS Interview Questions and Answers
  • VSTS questions and answer videos
  • What is Unit Testing & can we see an example of the same?
  • How can we write data driven test using NUNIT & VS Test?
  • Can we see simple example of a unit test for database operation?
  • How can we do automated testing using Visual Studio Test?
  • How can we do Load Testing using VSTS test?
  • Can you explain database unit testing?
  • How can we do test coverage using VSTS system?
  • How can we do manual Testing using VSTS?
  • What is Ordered Test in VSTS test?

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Abhiram Sharma said...

Hello There,

Interesting piece! Great to see someone write
Top20 Job Interview Questions - Job Interview Game Plan who is not a fanatic or a complete sceptic.

I am trying to write code for a calculator in a way it appears in GUI.What I mean here is ,I want to display a zero and then replace it with a value (typed) there after perform operations' am using Visual Studio 2010 ,I want my output to appear as explained above in the Output window of visual studio.

Is there any KEYWORD in C++ (may be advanced C++) to replace a value or variable??
Lastly, is my question right??
Can this be done on the console window of visual studio ??
Anyways great write up, your efforts are much appreciated.

Thank you,

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