Acting Interview Questions For a Serial

Acting Interview Questions For a Serial Artist

The word acting comes from the Latin word “pretentious” which simply means to speak with accent. Acting is a profession in which a person plays a specific role to convey message to the audience. He works in a theater shows, television or films to tell story just by playing a particular role or play. A professional actor is expert in speaking and singing some written texts. He is an actor which works in film, television and even theater. Following are some common questions that are frequently asked during the professional acting interview process. Read them carefully and sincerely before going for an acting interview question.

1. For how long have you been in this acting field?

It is the most common interview question which is frequently asked during the acting interview. Don’t lie about your past experience. You can say that “I have been in this field since last ten years and performed many roles in TV shows and films”. I am proud to be a professional actor. I have gained so many awards for my efforts and good work.

2. Tell me something more interesting about your professional skills and work experience?

You can say I am able to involve myself into any role or character according to the demand of role. As I have been in this field since many years so I am completely able to use my abilities and capabilities in order to play all the roles and responsibilities easily. Professional acting job helps in playing character effectively and interestingly. Explain your skills in Accents, dancing and Dialects, Stage Combat and classical singing.

3. How many shows have you played in?

Don’t try to exaggerate the number of shows in which you have performed. Always give true answer of all questions. You can state that I have been a lot honored for my role by many senior theater artists.

4. From which acting school have you learned it?

This question is the simple question you might be asked during the interview. You should mention the name of the acting school from where you have learned. You can answer this question in the following way:

I am proud to say that the acting comes to me naturally but I learned the basic things of acting from XYZ acting school. Now I am polishing my acting skills by playing roles in several acting campaigns.

Well, these are some important professional acting interview questions that are frequently asked during interviews. I am quite sure that this post would surely help you to prepare well.

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