HTML Interview Questions and answers

HTML Interview Questions and answers
  1. What is HTML?
  2. What are the uses of html document?
  3. What is a html tag?
  4. What is the file extension of html?
  5. Is there any tools required for basic html page?
  6. How can you check the errors in html?
  7. What is the opening tag and closing tag?
  8. Write the simplest code of a webpage?
  9. What is a hypertext link?
  10. Can you write html page with handaccurately?
  11. Tell me some empty elements are closing in the start tag?
  12. What will be the output if you did not use the end tag?
  13. Which case tags is preferable according to w3cstandards?
  14. What is the use of attributes?
  15. Is it possible to nest tables within tables and how?
  16. Why headings are important for any live website?
  17. What is the use of comments in html?
  18. Can you gaurantee the output of the html?
  19. What are the main reasons of output variation?
  20. How to align a table in different directions?
  21. How do i use forms?
  22. How to write javascript in html page?
  23. Can i have two or more actions in one form?
  24. How can I use forms for pull-down navigation menus?
  25. What is html text formating?
  26. Tell me citations, quotations and definition tags?
  27. How can I avoid using the whole URL?
  28. Why table width does not use the full browser width?
  29. What is html code for list items?
  30. How do i get special charachters in my html?
  31. Can I prevent a form from being submitted again?
  32. What is the use of html styles?
  33. How to specify colors?
  34. How can i allow file uploads to my web site?
  35. How to link an image to different url?
  36. How to link to a location in the middle of an HTML document?
  37. How to create a button which acts like a link?
  38. How to let people download a file from my page?
  39. How to remove the border around frames?
  40. What are the several tags and attributes are deprecated?
  41. What is the use of alt attribute in live site?
  42. Which should I use, &entityname; or &#number; ?
  43. Can i use the body tags with the frameset?
  44. What do you understand by websafe color?
  45. What is so great about HTML 4.0?
  46. How to use background image?
  47. How to make a thumbnail for my image?
  48. What is the difference between the HTML form methods GET and POST?
  49. How to include a HTML document in another document?
  50. How to prevent looks in different browser?
  51. What are the non supported image formats?
  52. How to validate HTML files?
  53. What is HTML DOCTYPE element?
  54. What is html meta element?
  55. Where do we use keywords in html for search enginee rankings?

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