Business Analyst Interview Questions

Business Analyst Interview Questions

1)What is the importance of a flow chart?

2)What is a use case model? Explain in brief ?

3)What is called an UML modeling?

4)What is the importance of an Activity diagram?

5)How many types of diagrams and what you know about them ?

6)What is meant by alternate flow in use case ?

7)What do you mean by exception flow in a use case?

8)What do you mean by extends and includes in an use case?

9)What are different documents that relate to a use cases.?

10)What is a Business Analyst Roles and responsibilities?

11)What is the difference between Business Analyst & System Analyst?

12)Can you tell me difference between Business Analyst and Business Analysis?

13)What are the common tools that are used by a business Analyst?

14)What are the documents that a Business Analyst needs to deliver?

15)Can you tell me what a use case diagram?

16)How do you normally gather Requirements from end user?

17)When do a Business Analyst needs to contact developers?

18)What is BA role in project implementation/deployment?
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