SQL Server interview questions

SQL Server interview questions
1)Explain architecture of Notification Services?
2)What is the stateless and stateful load balancing?
3)What do you mean about Fragmentation in SQL Server?
4)Explain two types of indexes?
5)What do you mean by State publisher, distributor and subscriber in “Replication”?
6)Different types of relationship existing in database designing?
7)How do we connect to SQL SERVER, which namespace do we use?
8)What is meant by Referential Integrity in SQL Server?
9)How to convert a Table Data in to XML format in SQL Server?
10)State the term SQL injection in SQL Server?
11)What is ACID fundamental? What are transactions in SQL SERVER?
12)What are the different types of replication supported by SQL SERVER?
13)How you can find the age of an Employee whose age is greater than 30?
14)How to back-up SQL Server Database and Restore Database?
15)Describe DBCC?
16)What is Normalization and its different forms?
17)What are the differences between INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN and RIGHT JOIN in SQL Server?
18)What is the difference between unique key and primary key?
19)Select record with the second lowest value from the below customer table?

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