Share point interview Questions

Share point interview Questions
  • What is SharePoint, WSS and MOSS?
  • How does WSS actually work?
  • What is Site and SiteCollection?
  • What is the use of SQL server in SharePoint & use of Virtual path provider?
  • What is Ghosting and UnGhosting in SharePoint?
  • How can we create a site in SharePoint?
  • How can we Customize a SharePoint Site?
  • What kind of readymade functional modules exists collaboration?
  • Can you display a simple Custom Page in SharePoint?
  • How can we implement behind code ASPX pages in SharePoint?
  • What is the concept of features in SharePoint?
  • I want a feature to be only displayed to admin?
  • How do we debug SharePoint error’s?
  • Why customized pages are parsed using no-compile mode?
  • Can you explain WSS model?
  • How can we use custom controls in SharePoint?
  • How can we display ASCX control in SharePoint pages?
  • What are Web Parts?
  • How can we deploy a simple Webpart in SharePoint?
  • How can we achieve customization and personalization using WebParts?
  • How can we create custom editor for WebPart?
  • SharePoint is about centralizing documents, how similar is to the windows folder?
  • What are custom fields and content types?
  • Can you explain SharePoint Workflows?
  • What is a three-state Workflow in SharePoint?
  • How can we create sharepoint workflow using sharepoint designer?

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