Striking features of QT?

What are the striking features of QT?
Events and EventFilters
Metaobject system-object communication mechanism,dynamic property system
Object properties
Object Trees
Signals and Slots
QPointer(Guarded pointers)
String Translation(Internationalization)

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preethi Sharma said...

Hello There,

Grazie! Grazie! Grazie! Your blog is indeed quite interesting around "Striking features of QT?"! I agree with you on lot of points!

A subset of a natural language contains these sentences:
1) Triangle ABC.
2) Line Segment AB.
3) Angle A.
In this set, names of triangles are formed by putting three letters together,
all drawn from the alphabet {A,B,C,D,E}. Line segment names are defined by
putting two letters together from the previous alphabet . And angle names are
(suprise!) given by any letter in that alphabet.

Great effort, I wish I saw it earlier. Would have saved my day :)

Thank you,

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