Banking Insurance marketing interview Questions

Banking Insurance marketing interview Questions
  1. Why are you intrest in selecting banking or insurance sector?
  2. Do you have idea any about banking products and tell me briefly?
  3. What are the banking marketing strategies?
  4. What are the negative points in our banking marketing and how can you overcome it?
  5. What do you know about our bank?
  6. What is our position in the present market?
  7. Tell me about the company and what are the facilities you have learned from our website?
  8. Why do we differ from others?
  9. What is our bank growth rate?
  10. Sell me a fixed deposit account?
  11. Are you smart worker or hard worker?
  12. Do you have bank account in our bank and explain brifly why?
  13. What are your strategies with respect to banking sector?
  14. What is pricing strategy according to you?
  15. Do you prefer leads or direct selling?
  16. How much time you can work per day?
  17. Usually insurance sector will have high pressure and what will you do for that?
  18. What is cross selling?
  19. What are the most challenges in banking sector?

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