Best Groupdiscussion Tips

Best Groupdiscussion tips (GD)
  1. Try to initiate the group discussion.
  2. If you ask a question or make a sudden shocking statement then the attention of the entire group will be focused on you. It is important for any group discussion.
  3. If you start quoting facts, figures and statistics, it will indicate how knowledgeble you are.
  4. Start with a general statement which is familiar and relevant to the topic.
  5. You can narrate a short story briefly without wasting time. Otherwise the group may feel disgusted.
  6. If you start with quotations or sayings, it will impact on the interview.
  7. Listen very carefully as a good listener.
  8. Accept the common points.
  9. Accommodate others view points.
  10. Be polite and speak sensibly.
  11. Express the strong point about the topic according to your knowledge.
  12. Show your strengths as a group leader.
  13. Express the views logically.
  14. Do not look at your watch.
  15. Do not stop others from expressing their views.
  16. Do not interrupt the candidates in the groups while speaking.
  17. Do not criticize anybody.
  18. Do not present wrong data.
  19. Do not be silent from the entire group
  20. Choose/use your language according to your comfort level in a decent way.
  21. Do not scare any one.
  22. Do not talk without a point. If you do not know the topic then listen to the others and finalize it in your way.
  23. Do not change your stand very often in the discussion.
  24. Avoid rubbing nose and eyes, popping knuckles, yawning, running your hand through hair because the body language is important. Keep on smiling but it should be friendly and pleasant way.

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