Virtusa Hibernate Interview Questions

Virtusa Hibernate Interview Questions

1. What is the Hibernate? What are files we have requires doing a hibernate application?

2. Explain about Hibernate Architecture?

3. Explain your project flow? What technologies used in your previous project?

4. Explain about Spring Framework features?

5. How do you configure using spring mvc with DAO class?

6. What is Abstraction, inheritance polymorphism?

7. What are Checked vs Unchecked Exceptions?

8. What is AutoBoxing and AutoUnboxing ? Can you Explain with real time example?

9. Explain differences between Abstract class vs interface?

10. Explain differences between HashMap and Hashtable?

11. try{ some code }

catch(Exception e) { some code }

finally{ some code }

which one is optional?

12. try{ some code; system.exit(0); }

Catch(Exception e){ Some code }

finally{ some code }

what will happen?

13. What is the difference b/w extends Thread class and implements Runnable interface?

14. Explain about Servlet life cycle ?

15. How to include one jsp into anther jsp? Which tag we can use for this purpose ?

16. Explain about Struts?

17. Explain Singleton Design pattern?

18. How to connect more than one database in Hibernate?

19. I want change my database from Oracle to MySQL in hibernate. Which configuration changes are required and which classes we have to use?

20. Which tools you used in project?

21. What are version control tools used in your project? Explain about check-in and check-out?

22. What is your team size?

23. How to build modules in your project? Are you used any tool for this?

24. What is Sax parser and Dom parser?

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