FunctionalSales Interview Questions

FunctionalSales Interview Questions

The functional sales generally refer to the generation of sales volume through relationship marketing. Here the goods and services are sold with a view to establish long term relationships with the customers and retaining them for long. A Functional Sales Executive is thus responsible for promoting, selling the goods and services of the company, achieving customer satisfaction, increasing the existing clientele and building healthy business relationship with the customers.

Further in this article we will describe the commonly asked interview questions for the post of a Functional Sales Executive;

1. What are your business strengths?
You should answer this question in an influential manner and effectual manner which will help you in securing a favorable impression from the prospective employer. Ensure that the qualities which you quote here are in addition to your team management skills. You can take the help of the job posting reflecting the key requirements desired from an ideal functional sales personnel.

2. What according to you are the major factors of defensive marketing?
Customer retention and achieving maximum customer satisfaction is the two main factors essential for defensive marketing techniques.

3. What do you understand by the sales documentation?
Sales documentation is the process of documenting full fledged records of the inside as well as the outside sales which in turn help the senior management in decision making. Making the proper documents related to sales will help the organization the future trends and setting up business policies.

4. What do you say when your prospect states everything is fine, except the price?
You can say that here you will use your persuasive skills of competitive marketing. Price and features are the two main factors based on which you will compare the competitive products. You will ensure the prospective that he is getting maximum value out of his returns and the company will reward them with good services for being a part of the company.

5. What are your plans and strategies as a functional sales executive?
The ideal answer will include that you will try to sell the products and services all over the country by creating a good brand image. You will strive hard to implement innovative marketing strategies to boost up the existing sales quotas.

Aside the above questions your core sales, knowledge, experience and pleasing attitude will help you to excel here. However keep in mind that your optimistic approach and your confidence will help you in getting the favorable impression.

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