CSS Interview Question and answers

CSS Cascading style sheets Interview Question and answers
  1. What is CSS and its uses?
  2. What are Cascading Style Sheets?
  3. Which browsers suppourt css?
  4. How to center block-elements with CSS1?
  5. What is class?
  6. What is grouping?
  7. How to link external style sheet?
  8. Is css styles are case sensitive?
  9. What are style sheets?
  10. What is selector?
  11. How can i specify background images?
  12. What is embedded style? How to link?
  13. What is contextual selector?
  14. What is ID selector?
  15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various style methods?
  16. What is inline style? How to link?
  17. What is imported Style Sheet? and How to link?
  18. How to style forms?
  19. Can css be used other than html documents?
  20. How to place text over an image?
  21. How to combine multiple style sheets into one?
  22. What is parent-child selector?
  23. What is attribute selector?
  24. What are inline, block, parent, children, replaced and floating elements?
  25. Is html attributes or css properties which one is prefered?
  26. How to eliminate the blue border around linked images?
  27. Can i attach more declaration to one selector?
  28. How do I have a fixed (non-scrolling) background image?
  29. How to use CSS to separate content and design?
  30. Write some examples of good and bad coding with reason?
  31. What are pseudo-classes?
  32. As a reader, how can I make my browser recognize my own style sheet?
  33. How to get rid of the gap under my image?
  34. What does the "Cascading" in "Cascading Style Sheets" mean?
  35. What is CSS rule 'at-rule'?
  36. What is CLASS selector?
  37. What is CSS declaration?
  38. What is 'important' declaration?
  39. How do I have a non-tiling or non-repeating background image?
  40. What are the reasons for external stylesheet not working?
  41. What can be done with style sheets that can not be accomplished with regular HTML?
  42. What is property?
  43. How to make my div 100% height?
  44. How to style table cells?
  45. What is CSS rule 'ruleset'?
  46. How to center the web page?
  47. What is the difference between ID and CLASS?
  48. Which characters can CSS-names contain?
  49. What is cascading order?
  50. Why shouldn't I use fixed sized fonts?
  51. How do you make a whole div into a link?
  52. How do I have links of different colors on the same page?
  53. How to use CSS building a standards based HTML template?
  54. What is shorthand property?
  55. How do I get my footer at the bottom of webpage?
  56. How do you target a certain browser?
  57. How does inheritance work?
  58. What is wrong with font-family: "Verdana, Arial, Helvetica"?
  59. Do any WYSIWYG editors support the creation of Style Sheets?
  60. Which style specification method should be used? Why?
  61. Do URL's have quotes or not?
  62. What is the difference between 'class' and 'id'?
  63. How to place two paragraphs next to each other?
  64. Can you use someone else's Style Sheet without permission?
  65. When is auto different from 0 in margin properties?
  66. How to move the list bullet to the left and right?
  67. Why is it my ':hover' declaration for links does not work?
  68. What is Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)?
  69. Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL)?
  70. How to place multiple blocks next to each other?

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