Cooperp Interview questions for Freshers

Cooperp Solutions Banglore Interview questions for Freshers
1.What is inheritance?

2. What is Abstraction ?

3. What is difference between C++ and Java?

4. What are types driver in Jdbc

5. What is difference between Abstract class and inner class ?

6. Write code to delete the cookies?

7. What is servlet and JSP?

8. What is struts?

9. What is Jvm?

10. What is super and this keyword?

11. What is constructor and how to initialize an Object?

12. What is function overloading ?

13. What is class and object?

14. What is collections?

15. What is Iterator?

16. What is final Key word?

17. What is main purpose of Garbage Collectior?

18. What is an object-oriented Programming?

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