Sucessful Interview Tips

Sucessful Interview Tips
  1. Avoid traffic jams or others reasons, you should be in time preferably half an hour before the interview schedule time.
  2. After entering the office just observe the premises and especially environment.
  3. Consult the person to whom you have to report.
  4. Wear formal dress and have well combed.
  5. Avoid excessive use of perfumes.
  6. Avoid smoking, using pan, drugs before entering the interview room.
  7. If given a chance collect the information from the candidates who have already had their interview.
  8. Enter the room with a request.
  9. Walk confidently. Your body language says how confident you are.
  10. Wish them, say “Good morning” or “afternoon” with a simple smile.
  11. Do not put your sunglasses, bag or your hands on the table.
  12. Avoid rubbing eyes and nose, scratching head . If you do anything, say sorry to him depending on the situation.
  13. Avoid crossed legs posture in an interview.
  14. Keep smiling. It should be in a pleasing way or friendly but not like a joker constantly.
  15. Be a good listener. Prove that you are paying attention to what the interviewer says or asks.
  16. Listen to the entire question before responding.
  17. Sit calmly, answer questions thoughtfully and slowly.
  18. Do not keep your hands in your pocket or on the lips.
  19. Do not criticize anybody especially your employer, workers or teachers.
  20. Keep the cell on the silent mode.
  21. Do not ask for water while giving an interview. If it is urgent or unavoidable then justify it.
  22. Do not look at your watch that means you are bored already.
  23. Do not be over friendly with the interviewers.
  24. Do not speak too slow or fast. It should be in a right way. Follow a pace/speech.
  25. Do not argue with the interviewer.
  26. Do not be over confident, over enthusiastic and over smart in the interview.
  27. Just give direct answers, do not mislead him. It will create bad impression.
  28. Maintain proper eye contact with interviewer.
  29. Ask questions intelligently to impress the interviewer whenever it is necessary.
  30. Do not talk too much with the other applicants and receptionist.
  31. Emphasize your participation in team work to achieve common goal of the organisation.
  32. Do not tell about your past salary.

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