NCR Interview Questions --Testing

NCR Interview Questions --Testing
  1. Explain your projects in depth
    should be well-versed with your projects
  2. HOW U COVER non-functionality
  3. Dbms testing
    –background queries, Populate, Record retrieve from / to exact tables, Saving in tables, SQL queries, Creation, Insertion, Deletion, Updating
  4. What is Static Testing?
  5. What is Dynamic Testing?
  6. Diff b/w above two?
  7. When we should go for Automation Testing and When we shouldn’t?
  8. What will you do before start testing? He is asking for docs preparation!
  9. What is Traceability matrix?
  10. What is agile testing process?
  11. What is sdlc and how many models available?
  12. What is peer review and who shouldn’t attend that meeting?
  13. Your short term goals?
  14. Why NCR?

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