NCR Written Test Questions

NCR Written Test Questions

30 Questions on Technical

Here are few which i remembered
  1. black box testing techniques
  2. Cyclomatic complexity
  3. Given a IF LOOP, Predict how many statement and branch coverage
  4. Equivalence Classes
  5. What is error,fault,failure,defect
  6. white box testing techniques
  7. Database testing identifies..
  8. When is error-guessing used?
  9. Which of them are black-box testing
  10. Which is not validated in stlc
  11. Which of the following is testable?
  12. Viable,portable..some Options

30 Questions on General Aptitude

Here are the areas of questions
  1. Profit & Loss
  2. Number and alphabet sequence
  3. Age
  4. Time and distance
  5. Population question based on graph,diagram,
    if colour is called white, white is called green…
  6. Where do birds fly
Important: I think RS AGARWAL book will do

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