DB2 interview questions--Mainframes interview

DB2 interview questions--Mainframes interview
What is referential integrity?
What are foreign keys?
What is a cursor?
What is the STOSPACE Utility used for?
What is a collection?
What is lock contention?
What is a clustering index?
How would you print the output of an SQL statement
What is cursor stability?
How is the connection established between TSO & DB2?
When would you prefer to use VARCHAR?
What is meant by AUTO COMMIT?
What is the purpose of the WHENEVER statement?
Which transaction uses a command thread?
What are the disadvantages of using VARCHAR?
What is an access path?
What is the function of the Data Manager?
What is a root page?
What is meant by index cardinality?
What are the functions of Bind?
What is the difference between IN sub selects and
What are the levels of isolation available with DB2V4?
What is the root page in terms of DB2 indexing?
Explain an outer join?
What does the CLOSE parameter do on the create table space?
What is sub query?
What are simple, segmented and partitioned
What do you mean by NOT NULL?
Can DASD types assigned to storage groups be intermixed
What are the advantages of using a PACKAGE?
What is a DB2 bind?
What is the name of the default db2 catalog database?
What is an alias?
What’s the equivalent COBOL Data type for Decimal
What is a DB2 access path?
What can the Locate option of the Repair Utility accomplish?
How many clustering indexes can be defined for a table?
Where is the access path logic created by the DB2
What is the content of SQLCABC?
What is a synonym?
What is FREEPAGE and PCTFREE in TABLESPACE creation?
What is a data page?
What is the difference between static and dynamic SQL?
What can the SET option of the Repair Utility accomplish?
What is DCLGEN?
What is a composite index?
What utility is used to migrate DB2 from one release
What is an alias and how does it differ from a synonym?
What is SPUFI?
What does CURRENTDATA option in bind indicate?
When is the access path determined for dynamic SQL?
What is meant by the attachment facility?
What does the current SQLID register contain?
What information is held in SYSIBM.SYSCOPY?
What types of copies can be made with the COPY Utility?
What is a precompiler?
Explain the use of the WHERE clause?
What is the syntax of SELECT statement when embedded
How does composite index differ from a multiple index?
What is an intent lock?
What is the significance of the CURSOR WITH HOLD
How can you quickly find out the number of rows updated
What does DSNDB07 database do?
What is the maximum number of tables that can be stored
How is a typical DB2 batch program executed?
What are leaf pages?
What are the three lock types?
What is a Cartesian product?
What is a NULL value?
How many buffer pools are there in DB2?
What is normalization and what are the five normal forms?
What happens to the PLAN if index used by it is dropped?
Where are plans stored?
What is a predicate?
What is a buffer pool?
What is the picture clause of the null indicator variable?
What is the difference between join and union?
What is a clustered index?
What else is there in the PLAN apart from the access path?
What are the 4 environments which can access DB2?
What is a SELECT statement?
What is a DB2 catalog?
How does DB2 determine what lock-size to use?
What is a clustering index?
What keyword does an SQL SELECT statement use for a string search?
What is a Resource Control Table (RCT)? Describe its characteristics.
When do you specify the isolation level? How?
Why use RUNSTAT Utility?
How does DB2 use multiple table indexes?
What is cursor stability?
What is ALTER?
How to define the data items to receive the fetch items for the SQL?
What are the various locks available?
How do you filter out the rows retrieved from a Db2 table?
What is a DB2 plan?
What is deadlock?
What is meant by isolation level?
What is meant by repeatable read?
What is the format (internal layout) of “TIMESTAMP”?

What is the difference between primary key & unique index?
What is the maximum number of tables that can be joined?
What are the max. & min. no. of partitions allowed
What is filter factor?
How do you define a correlated name?
What is an inner join, and an outer join ?
What is the difference between Where and Having Clause
What is JOIN?
What is read-only cursor?
What do you mean by NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT?
What is lock escalation?
What is a Database Request Module (DBRM)?
When do you use the IMAGECOPY?
How does DB2 store NULL physically?
What is a correlated sub query?
What does the REORG Utility do?
What is the difference between SYNONYM and ALIAS?
What is the best lock size that you could use when
How to see the structure of db2 table?
When can an insert of a new primary key value threaten
What is an asynchronous write?
Which authority can be granted to group of users
What is a host variable?
What is the FREE command?
What are the disadvantages of PAGE level lock?
What are the isolation levels possible?
What is the difference between TYPE 1 index & TYPE 2 index?
What is COPY PENDING status?
What is contained in the DB2 node lock file?
What is a thread?
What information is used as input to the bind process?
What is the command used by TSO users to invoke DB2?
What are data types?
What is the error code for Unique Index Violation?
What is correlated sub query?
What information is contained in a SYSCOPY entry?
What is page space?
When will you chose to run RUNSTATS?
What are the four lockable units for DB2?
What will the FREE command do to a plan?
What is Declaration Generator (DCLGEN)?
What is the self-referencing constraint?
What is index cardinality?
What is isolation level?
What do the initials DDL and DML stand for and what is their meaning?
What is dynamic SQL?
How is the SUBSTR keyword used in SQL?
Which catalog table stores referential constraints?
What is the purpose of the QUIESE Utility?
How are write I/Os from the buffer pool executed?
What is a recovery log?
How do you do the EXPLAIN of a dynamic SQL statement?
What is the syntax required for the creation of a cursor?
What is the purpose of the DSNC transaction?
What is the database descriptor?
How to resolve the -305 error code in DB2?
What's the maximum number of characters that a table name can have?
What is meant by a unit of recovery?
How does one remove entries from the SCT02 table?
Which catalog tables contain authorization information?
What is the difference between CS and RR isolation levels?
What is a base table?
What is the function of buffer manager?
What is DB2?
What is a result table?
What is the meaning of -805 SQL return code?
What is the meaning of -805 SQL return code?
How will you delete duplicate records from a table?
What is a cursor and what is its function?
What are the contents of a DCLGEN?
What information can you find in SYSIBM.SYSLINKS table?
What are the various locking levels available?
What is the difference between a package and a plan?
What is the size of a data page?
What is the size of a data page?
What is a collection?
What is meant by concurrency?
How many sub queries can you combine together?
What is the cascade rule and how does it relate
When is the skeleton cursor table created?
What do you need to do before you do EXPLAIN?
What technique is used to retrieve data from more than
What is a sub select?
What is the process of precompiler?
What are PACKAGES?
How many buffer pools are available in db2?
What does the CHECK Utility do?
What will the DB2 optimizer do?
What are the three types of page locks that can be held?
Where besides the DB2 catalog is database object information
What is QUIESCE?
What is auditing?
What is the difference between group by and order by?
What is the Maximum Length of SQLCA?
What does the RUNSTATS Utility do?
What is REORG?
How could one combine a set of incremental image copies into a single copy?
What will the COMMIT accomplish?
What are delete-connected tables?
What is Skeleton cursor table (SKCT)?

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