J2ee interview questions,J2ee interview Faqs

J2ee interview questions,J2ee interview Faqs
What is Java Interpreter ?
Define class ?
What is a file ? What is a Directory ?
How to enter data in java ?
What is RP ?
What is Serialization ?
What is lagging in DBMS ?
What is Stream ?
What is Remote Objects ?
What is a JAR file ?
Types of Constructors ?
What does String define ?
What are blocks ?
Why interface and what extends what ?
What is JAVA ?
Define this , finalize, and final( for variables, methods, classes ) ?
What is XML ?
Briefly about super() ?
What is QBE ?
What are the four components in URL ?
How do you define break and Label ?
What is FLOPS ?
What are Java Buzzwords ?
What is RISC?
Explain about Static ?
What is a Java Bean ?
What is casting ?
When you will synchronize a piece of your code ?
What is a Swing ?
What is Bootstrapping in RMI ?
What is the difference between an applet and a servlet ?
What are JSP Directives ?
What are the different servers available for
What is Servlet chaining ?
What are the steps involved for making a connection
What is RMI architecture ?
What is Hostile Applets ?
What are Transient and Volatile Modifiers ?
What is throwing an Exception ?
What is adapter class ?
What is the difference between abstract class and interface ?
What are different ways of Session-Tracking ?
What is the difference between doPost and doGet methods ?
What is the difference between CGI and Servlet ?
What is Dynamic Method Dispatch ?
What is ASCII ?
What r packages and why ? how to execute
What are public static void main(String args [])
Define Inline Functions ?
What are statements in Java (JDBC) ?
What is downcasting ?
What are nested classes ?
What is URL ?
What is JNI ?
What is Typed language ?
What is ALE ?
What is JSP ?
How to Declare a pointer to function ?
What is servlet ?
What is user defined exception ?
What is interprocess synchronization ?
What is connection pooling ?
What is a unicode ?
Is it possible to call servlet with parameters in the URL ?
What is runnable ?
What is servlet tunneling ?
How to create and call stored procedures ?
What are macros and Inline functions ?
What is a package ?
What is synchronization ?
What is BDK ?
How many ways can we track client and what are they ?
What is finalize() method ?
What is UnicastRemoteObject ?
What is JFC ? java foundation classes
Explain the methods, rebind( ) and lookup() in Naming class ?
What is the life cycle of a servlet ?
Interfaces include by java.lang ?
How do you set security in applets ?
What is difference between overloading and overriding ?
What is Inet address ?
What is update method called ?
What are Predefined variables or implicit objects ?
What is the difference between Assignment
What is an event and what are the models
What are Class, Constructor and Primitive data types ?
What are the Tools provided by JDK
What is the difference between constructor and method ?
What is a layout manager and what are different types
What are the restrictions imposed by a Security
What is meant by controls and what are
What is a reflection package ?
What is source and listener ?
What is meant by Inheritance and what are
What does 'CODEBASE' in an applet tag specify ?
Is it possible to communicate from an applet
What is the difference between JDBC and ODBC ?
What is Thread and multithread ?
What are identifiers and literals ?
What is ODBC ?
What r the four cornerstones of OOP ?
Scope and lifetime of variables ?
What are abstract classes ?
What is the difference between process and threads ?
What is stored procedure ?
What is the difference between TCP/IP and UDP ?
Java Primitive Data Types:
What are methods and how are they defined ?
Can you have an inner class inside a method and
Which containers use a Border layout as
What is the difference between applications
What are the borders provided by Swing ?
What are JSP scripting elements ?
What are Vector, Hashtable, LinkedList
What are checked and unchecked Exceptions ?
Who is loading the init() method of servlet ?
What is a StringTokenizer ?
What are bitwise operators and bitwise logical operators ?
What is HTML ?
Casting Incompatible types ?
Which of the following attributes are compulsory
What is Garbage Collection and how to call it explicitly ?
What is the class and interface in java to
What is default Look-and-Feel of a Swing Component ?
What is interface and its use ?
What are wrapper classes ?
How does applet recognize the height and width ?
What is an abstract class ?
What is the difference between exception and error ?
What are the packages in JDK ?
What is the difference between Procedural and OOP s ?
What is daemon thread and which method is used
What is the use of bin and lib in JDK ?
What is Domain Naming Service(DNS) ?
What is the method that gets invoked first in
What modifiers may be used with top-level class ?
What does class.for Name(driver) do ?
When do you use codebase in applet ?
What is the difference between superclass
What is the front end in Java ?
What is the difference between an argument
What is the difference between choice and list ?
What is the difference between this() and super() ?
What is preemptive and Non-preemptive Time Scheduling ?
What are inner class and anonymous class ?
Which containers use a Flow layout as their
What is an Object and how do you allocate
What is Compiling ?
What is the base class for all swing components ?
What is Object class and java.lang ?

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