PHP Interview Question and answers

PHP Interview Question and answers
  1. What does a special set of tags do in PHP? - The output is displayed directly to the browser.

  2. What’s the difference between include and require? - It’s how they handle failures. If the file is not found by require(), it will cause a fatal error and halt the execution of the script. If the file is not found by include(), a warning will be issued, but execution will continue.

  3. I am trying to assign a variable the value of 0123, but it keeps coming up with a different number, what’s the problem? - PHP Interpreter treats numbers beginning with 0 as octal.

  4. Would I use print “$a dollars” or “{$a} dollars” to print out the amount of dollars in this example? - In this example it wouldn’t matter, since the variable is all by itself, but if you were to print something like “{$a},000,000 mln dollars”, then you definitely need to use the braces.

  5. How do you define a constant? - Via define() directive, like define (”MYCONSTANT”, 100);

  6. How do you pass a variable by value? - Just like in C++, put an ampersand in front of it, like $a = &$b

  7. Will comparison of string “10″ and integer 11 work in PHP? - Yes, internally PHP will cast everything to the integer type, so numbers 10 and 11 will be compared.

  8. When are you supposed to use endif to end the conditional statement? - When the original if was followed by : and then the code block without braces.

  9. Explain the ternary conditional operator in PHP? - Expression preceding the ? is evaluated, if it’s true, then the expression preceding the : is executed, otherwise, the expression following : is executed.

How do I find out the number of parameters passed into function? - func_num_args() function returns the number of parameters passed in.

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