Windows Interview Questions ,Windows interview Faqs

Windows Interview Questions
Which one is not needed for Multi-program environment?
When is Marshalling not necessary?
What are Named Objects?
What is the difference between child domain
How do you declare an object in VB script?
Name few functions that create Kernel Objects?
What is semaphores and why it is used?
What NT stands for in Windows NT?
What would a rise in remote queue length generally indicate?
What is signaled and non signaled state?
What is reason for system automatically restarted?
What is event driven?
What we have to do when receiving some error
What 3 types of domain controller does Exchange access?
What is Mutex Object?
Describe a two tier Windows NT Domain?
How does the kernel object outlive the process that created it?
What are the different file systems in windows?
What is the maximum amount of databases that
What are rings in Windows NT?
What Exchange process is responsible for
How to identify the difference between the kernel
How to Kill a Particular Process in windows?
What does find command do?
What are the required components of Windows Server 2003
Can User access these kernel objects structures?
What is the use of Mutex Object?
What is Marshalling?
What is Duplicate Handle?
How the messages are processed in Windows?
How does Kerberos work?
What would a rise in the Local Delivery queue
What are the sub-components of I/O manager in Windows NT?
What is Kerberos? Which version is currently used by Windows?
What connector type would you use to connect
What are the four layers that Windows NT has in
What is FAT?
What is mean by 32 and 64 bit application?
How to change the IP Address of the system in
What is problem if network card only sent packets,
How would you optimize Exchange 2003 memory
Which is the data member common to all the kernel
What are parameters needed to distinguish an event?
What are the differences between Win 2000 Server
What must be done to an AD forest before Exchange
What are the disadvantages of circular logging?
Which one you will use to implement critical section?
What are the three file types in NT ?
What level of security does Windows NT meets?
What service has to run for running printer spooler
What are the standard port numbers for SMTP,
What is the purpose of Process Handle Table?
What is the key advantage of Windows NT
What is a kernel object?
What is Executive in Windows NT?
What is the difference between widget & gadget in Windows?

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