Application Programmer Interview Questions

Application Programmer Interview Questions
1.How would you design thread pool?
2.How is a class different from structure?
3.Discuss inheritance?
4.Discuss .Net remoting, what different formatters and filters are used.
5.How is .Net remoting different from Web Services?
6.Discuss the differences between a vector, a list and a map?
7.How would you count a number of set bits in a byte?
8.Give example of an aggregate functions in SQL.?
9.How would you find a last occurrence of a string A in a larger string B?
10.What is "Group by" clause used for in SQL?
11.What is lexicographic sort?
12.How would you open a new window in JavaScript?
13.How is a stored procedure different from an open query?
14.What are the benefits of a stored procedure?
15.When IIS runs on a machine what process does it use? Give the name of the process?
16.Describe an algorithm used by OS when allocating virtual memory?
17.Looking at two databases, one of them is infinitely large and the other is moderate sized, look at both databases and find the common elements from B in A?
18.Describe the refrigeration process?
19.Describe some of the common errors you come across while using the cadence tool?
20.Given an unknown function with a limited number of known points, how do you try to estimate the rest of the function?
21.Explain the 3 way hand shaking protocol in TCP/IP?
22.(Programming Language Test) When casting an object of a polymorphic class from a base class, which kind of cast executes only if it's is valid?
23.How many times does the word "today" appear in the following puzzle, either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically, either forwards or backwards?
24.How would you write an efficient data structure that would represent a deck of cards?
25.Why did you leave your past positions?
26.How did you handle a situation when other person does is a stubborn and completely disagree with your point of view?
27.Using the two bulbs how will you figure out at which floor will the bulb break?
28.When is it appropriate to use local interface in EJBs?
29.Describe a failure or a time when you did not meet expectations?
30.Where you will find information about workflow regarding task, activity, running instance etc.?
31.What is Object level permission and extended permission?
32.What is composite attribute?
33.What are virtual documents?
34.What are Data dictionary related questions?
35.What are ACL, permission sets?
36.How you will register TBO and how you will write TBO’s?
37.D/f b/w onRender() and onRenderEnd() and other inherited methods?
38.Describe the Documentum object model?
39.Describe the Documentum security model?
40.What is the difference between a workflow and lifecycle?
41.Describe how you would use and leverage third-party data in Documentum?
42.Are you familiar with “dm_policy” objects?
43.What tools do you use to create custom object types?
44.Have you worked with DocApps?
45.Describe the Documentum object model?
46.Describe the Documentum security model?
47.What tools do you use to create custom object types?
48.Have you worked with DocApps?
49.What is the difference between In and out bound interfaces, and what are the open and closed interfaces?
50.What is the difference between translation and MRC in oracle apps?
51.Can you give a comparison between Oracle Apps versions 11.5.7, 11.5.8, 11.5.9 and 11.5.10.?
52.What is the difference between 11.5.7 and 11.5.10 versions of oracle applications?
53.What is the result of following query 'select * from po_headers'?
54.Are security rules enforced in posting?
55.Is there a limit on the number of summary accounts which can be created per the Summary Template process?
56.How should you address the maintenance of summary templates when new values are added?
57.Can the "Deleting" status in the Summary Templates screen be reset back to "Current"?
58.What does 'Unfreezing Rollup Groups' do?
59.Does Add/Delete Summary Program dynamically create accounts that meet the summary template criteria?
60.How many concurrent requests are generated when you run the Add/Delete Summary Program?
61.Will the history of an old summary template be in Summary Account Inquiry?
62.Why is the Post button greyed out on the Enter Journals form?
63.How can I delete a journal batch that has no journals or lines?
64.How do I run posting from the command line in debug mode?
65.What are the possible batch posting error statuses?
66.Can I post to a parent account?
67.What reports show unposted or posted journal entries?
68.Can you post out-of-balance journal entries?
69.Can you delete a batch from the Post Journals form?
70.Can I post to a period prior to my latest open period? Are the balances rolled forward? Is retained?
71.Can I drop the GL_POSTING_INTERIM_XX tables?
72.How can I post a journal in an error status? It does not show in the post journal batches screen?
73.Why did you ever become involved in QA/testing?
74.What is the difference between QA and testing?

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