Basic Testing Interview Questions

Basic Testing Interview Questions
1.What is the difference between a bug and a defect?
2.What is the difference between retesting and regression testing Explain bug life cycle?
3.What are deliverables in performance test analysis ?
4.Is the regression testing can call it as Retest?
5.How to prepare web applications use case document.can you send the some sample use case document for web application Project?
6.What is deployment testing ? How it is performed ?
7.What is the Difference between Testing Types and Testing Techniques?
8.Difference between object identification and smart identification?
9.Write the possible positive and negative testcases for telephone?
10.what are the mobile software testing tools available in market?
11.Any one can explain me what is qa and qc and what is diff between both tell me in interview point please thanks in advance?
12.What is performance testing? How would you test the performance of a flash object?
13.What is the most critical bug you found Consider a moblie phone? when you save the number, the number gets saved under a different name What is the priority and severity of the bug Write code for binary search?
14.what is syncro nisation handover?
15.Which testing approach you follow to test ATM machine?
16.what is a test analyst? what are his responsibilities?
17.what is the difference betwen quality center version 9.0 and version 10.0?
18.what are the objectivies of performance testing and what is tuning?
19.What is Functional Testing?
20.Which are the basic challanges are face tester while doing testing?
21.What is acceptance testing?
22.What agile testing? How it is process?
23.which tool used for gui testing?
25.Is it possible to run Loadrunner tests in laptop? How?
26.what is exacltly TIERS ?
27.How can we test a mobile and what are the process to follow for testing a mobile or a PDA?
28.How to calculate testing productivity?
29.what is exacltly TIERS ?
30.How will you review the test case and How many types are there ?
31.How to write a testcase and bugreport?plz expln with an example?
32.How to carry out manual testing for a background process which does't have any user interface?
33.Can anybody explain me branch/decision coverage with a example?
34.Can anybody explain me Statement coverage with a example?
35.How to prepare an Mobile Application?
36.How to prepare a Test Requirement Matrix for Mobile application?
37.who prepare test plan?
38.What is field testing?
39.WHat is Object Identification and Object Spy?
40.Extract a word from a sentenece?
41.How the objecs properties are identified?Tell me in Hierarchical order?
42.How will you set a unique four digit number in an edit field in QTP?
43.How we apply Test case like integration testion on calculating result or for calculation GPA?
44.what is defect density ?
45.what is line of code ? pls if possible give some real example
46.How to do testing estimation ? is there any genearl formula for that ?
47.What is agile testing ? How can we perform agile testing ?
48.How to calculate testing productivity?
49.what is difference between black box and white box testing? In most of the companies which tecnique is used
51.What is meant by MT SMS Message?
52.What is meant by MO SMS Message?
53.Which company is better amdocs or techm ???
54.How we write test cases for navigation or links with example?
55.What can be the possible Test Cases for an Admin Control Panel in a Web Application?
56.which testing process you followed in your company ??
57.what is bugzilla? and How it is used?
58.What is integration testing? And what are the different types?
59.where do you define the objects as regular expression when u are using regular expressions?
60.Write a script to delete a specific row in a webtable?
61.what is the difference between metrics and matrixes? if possible please give some examples?
62.What is the difference between function testing and system testing ?
63.How to measure testing Productivity ?
64.How would one evaluate test effectiveness? if at all it is possible what type of metrics will be used to calculate effecwhat is srs or brs file?
65.what is srs or brs file?
66.How do we know our particular task is compltely tested or not ?
67.which are the different types testing tools are available and which cool is mostly used in industry?
68.Do anyone hav any knowledge about testing the Eftpos System??Like what kind of test cses that can be prepared for checking the system?
69.How can we disable smart identification at the time of recording? Ideally, smart identification should be enabled only at the run-time?
70.what is Supplemental Objects ?
71.What is meant by retesting? Is it similar to smoke/sanity testing?
72.How to upload an excel sheet to quality center?
73.what is test scheduling?
74.How many triangles are there in the following figure?
75.Which of the following is least like the others?
76.Which of the following is not a Game Genre?
77.Which was the first game introduced Bullet Time Future?
78.Which of the following is not a platform for Gaming?
79.Which is not a hand held gaming device from the following?
80.What is “NOOB” related to Gaming ?
81.What is “FRAG” related to Gaming?
82.What are the various Guidelines follow while Weighting Test Cases?
83.Explain V model in depth?
84.What is Rekey Defect?
85.what is effect variance ,Budget variance , Schedule Variance , Defect Density ?
86.what is different Between Risk and Issue ?
87.How to find the OS name by using QTP script?
88.What is QTP?
89.What is the difference between Test Management tools and Defect Management tools? What are the most widely used Test Management tools?
90.What is Regression and retest? What is end to end testing?
91.How do function returns a value? How can we pass one function value to other function as input?
92.Could Login Id field accept special characters?
93.What is Cause and Effect Technique?
94.Who Prepare the Master Test Plan? Who Prepare the Test Plan?
95.What is difference between Development envionment and Test enviornment?
96.why tester using database?
97.what is sdlc?
98.What is bidirectional traceability ??? and How it is implemented?
99.What is Automation Test frame work ?
100.Define the components present in test strategy?
101.Define the components present in test plan?
102.Define database testing ?
103.what is the difference between QA and QC ?
104.What is the difference between Q&V?
105.What are different types of test case that u have written in your project?
106.Have u written Test plan ?
107.Can u explain the structure of bug life cycle?
108.Can you explain V model in manual testing?
109.Can you explain me the levels in V model manual?
110.Can you explain water fall model in manual testing?

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