c c++ Interview questionbank

c c++ Interview questionbank
1-what is modular programming? Give advantage with the of diagram and example?
2-what is call by reference? Explain using example.
3-explain between switch statement .what is the difference between if and switch statement ?
4-write a c program to calculate the sum of digit of a number given by the user using recursion ?
5-How to a pointer initialized ?explain it ?
6-how does function definition differ from function declaration?
7- What is storage class in c? Explain type of storage class.
8-write a function to find the sum of digits of a given number?
9-differentiate between p and *p?
10-write a program to find the gcd(greatest common dividing ) of two number . using recursion?
11-Differentiate between the standard functions and user defined function?
12-what is call by value? Explain using example.
13-what is recursion?
14-explain nested loop with example?
15-write a program to check whether a number is a krisnamurty number or not. A Krishnamurty number is one whose sum of factorial of digits equals the number.
16-write a program of Fibonacci series using recursion.
17-what is pointer? Why are they important? Explain the features of pointer.
18-explain the relation between an array and a pointer.
19-deffine type of pointer? and also give example .
20-write a program to check whether a number is prime number or not?
21-what is purpose of if statement? Describe the different forms of if statement.
22-whatis the purpose of while and do while loops?
23-diffrence between call by value and call by reference? give example
24-write a program to print the second largest number among a list ?
25-differentitate between a for loop and a while loop ?
26-write a program to find the mean of two integer number. Using call by value .
27-which arithmetic operation are possible with pointer ?
28-explain function and type of function?
29- what is the result of adding an integer to a pointer ? and give example ?
30-write a program using pointer to read in an array of integer and print its elements in reverse order.
31- what is an operating system? Explain its components.
32- write short notes on: (1) UNIX (2) WINDOWS
33- explain the structure of a C program in brief.
34- what do you understand by stepwise refinement? Explain SDLC in brief.
35- write a program to reverse a given integer number and check whether it is a palindrome . output the given number with suitable messages.
36- what is storage classes? Explain automatic and register storage class in brief.
37- write a program to find sum of odd and even numbers from 1 to N. Output the computed sums on two different lines with suitable heading.
38- write syntaxes of if-else ladder, for, while and do-while loop with their flow charts.
39- explain the scope rule. Also explain the advantages of modular programming.
40- Write a C program that shows the concept of call by value and cll by reference.
41- WAP in C to read two strings and concatenate them (without using library function) .
42-Perform the following conversions: (i) (6820)10=()2 (ii) (CDFE)16 = ()2 (iii) (2489)10 = ()8 (iv) (1010.001)16 =()10
43- WAP in C to read a string and write it in reverse order.
44- WAP in C to find the roots of quadratic equation using function and switch statement.
45- Explain stack operation in detail. Support your answer by code segments.
46- what do you mean by linked list? Explain any one operation on linked list with a program.
47-what do you mean by dynamic memory allocation? Explain its function.
48- What is the use of macros? Explain conditional compilation in brief.
49- Explain difference between array and structure with the help of a program.
50- explain searching and sorting in brief supported by code segment for each.

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