Control system Interview Questions,Faqs

Control system Interview Questions,Faqs
1.What is meant by Compensation?
2.What are different compensators?
3.What is state Transition Matrix?
4.Write the characteristic equation?
5.What are State, input and output vectors?
6.What is obsevability?
7.What is Controllability?
8.What are Eigen values?
9.What are State Variables?
10.What is State space Analysis?
11.What is angle of departure?
12.What is angle of arrival?
13.What are Zeros?
14.What are poles?
15.What is frequency response of a system?
16.What is time response of a system?
17.What is Cut-off rate?
18.What is resonant peak and resonant?
19.What is phase cross over frequency?
20.What is Gain cross over frequency?
21.What is Phase margin?
22.What is gain Margin?
23.What is Nyquist plot?
24.What is Bode plot?
25.What is band width for second order?
26.What is peak resonance for second order?
27.What are Break away points?
28.What is Root locus?
29.What is R-H criterion?
30.What is Marginal stability?
31.What is mean by Absolute Stability?
32.What is Natural Frequency?
33.What is Damping Ratio?
34.What is Steady state error?
35.What is Settling time?
36.What is Percentage peak overshot?
37.What is Peak Overshoot?
38.What is Peak time?
39.What is Delay time?
40.What is Rise time?
41.What are the static error coefficients?
42.What is a parabolic signal?
43.What is an Impulse signal?
44.What is a Ramp signal?
45.What is a Step signal?
46.What are different types of control Signal?
47.What are Tachometers?
48.What is Ward Leonard method?
49.What are Servomotors?
50.What is Amplidyne?
51.What is Synchro Receiver?
52.What is Synchro Transmitter?
53.What are Linear and non linear control?
54.What is Multiple input multiple output?
55.What are sampled data control systems?
56.What are Digital control systems?
57.What is Transmittance?
58.What are Non touching loops?
59.What is a mixed node?
60.What is Output node or Sink node?
61.What is a Source node or Input node?
62.Give Manson’s Gain Formula?
63.What is loop gain?
64.What is Path Gain?
65.What is a Forward path?
66.What is Signal Flow Graph?
67.What is a Block diagram?
68.Write the Transfer function for an RLC?
69.What is Transfer Function?
70.What are Degenerative control systems?
71.What are Regenerative control systems?
72.what are the effects of feedback?
73.What is Feedback?
74.Can you give examples of closed loop?
75.What is man made control systems?
76.What are natural control systems?
77.What is closed loop control system?
78.What is Open loop Control System?
79.What is a Control system?

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