Design Engineer interview Questions

Design Engineer interview Questions
1.What are the different types of dimensions ?
2.List the structural elements and their functions of frame structure ?
3.What is the difference between load bearing structure and framme structure?
4.What is the difference between R/3 Number range and CRM range?
5.What is an IDOC?Why do we use them? How do we process them? What is meant by RFC in middleware?
6.Who is responsible for territory? can you please help me in getting the answer for this ?
7.which shape that can't draw in 3 dimension without shading the shape.CONDITION without shading ?
8.How to represent -67 in Hexadecimal?
9.What is difference between Stracture of DBMS & Architecture of DBMS ?
10.What is Romanesque Architecture?
11.What is Byzantine Architecture?
12.What is speciality of Gothic Architecture?
13.What were the steps to putting together a stain glass window?
14.Why were sculptures not popular until around the 11th Century?
15.What was the Iconoclastic Crisis?
16.What do we mean by domestic architecture artifacts?
17.Is there any symbolic or cultural significance behind the structure of the buildings you are observing?
18.What is the TimeQuest timing analyzer tool?
19.How can u increase the efficiency of power plant without changeing in effort?
20.How to calculate the speed of conveyer in meter per minute ?
21.How to convert from HP to BHP or CC to Bhp please explain?

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